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Childhood trauma includes physical/sexual/emotional abuse and neglect. It also includes witnessing violence, separation from a primary caregiver, living with a drug or alcohol abuser or contentious divorce.

ATN’s Trauma-Sensitive Schools Initiative

ATN’s Trauma-Sensitive Schools Initiative is devoted to creating school-wide trauma-sensitive reform.  Our experienced educators and those with expertise in early childhood trauma are working together to develop Professional Development Programs For Educators to help them:

  • Understand the effects of early childhood trauma and/or separation on neurobiological development.
  • Learn how early trauma impacts learning and behavior.
  • Discover the motivation behind students’ behaviors by using Trauma-Informed Behavioral Assessments.
  • Learn instructional strategies that help to heal the neurobiological impact of early childhood trauma.
  • Explore classroom strategies that develop resiliency and improve learning outcomes for ALL children.
  • Develop Trauma-Sensitive school-wide approaches to discipline.

hand-heart photoThis Professional Development Training can be done with any size group of:

  • Teachers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Resource Officers
  • Parents

ATN’s TSS Team is also available for short and long-term consultation and strategic planning.

“Each year I have more children with less social/emotional development. Trauma-Informed classroom strategies have helped me improve both the academic and behavioral outcomes of my students.”  — Ilene Pawlak, Kindergarten Teacher, NJ

To find out more, contact Melissa Sadin, MAT, M.Ed.

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“In the Somerville Public Schools, #allin4theVille isn’t just a phrase, but a representation of the district’s commitment to the success and individuality of each and every child.  The district values and celebrates these unique differences and has placed a recent emphasis on ensuring that staff is trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed.” — Dr. Timothy Purnell, Superintendent, Somerville, NJ Public Schools


Want to join ATN’s Trauma Sensitive Schools Think Tank — a free Facebook-based group for educators, parents and professionals interested in promoting trauma-sensitive school practices?

Learn more about our Educating Traumatized Children Summit – 23 audio recordings from experts in the field of Trauma-Sensitive Schools.

Trauma-Sensitive Schools Professional Development

Trauma-Sensitive Schools (TSS) Professional Development is now offered by ATN.  Trauma-informed school professionals and therapeutic parents at ATN can provide training and consultation to your school district. Educators from 4 states have have already utilized these resources.  Call 888-656-9806, ext. 5 and leave your name for more information or complete the form below.

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