Devoted to creating school-wide trauma-sensitive reform


creating school-wide trauma-sensitive reform

ATN’s Trauma-Sensitive Schools Initiative is devoted to creating school-wide trauma-sensitive reform.  Our experienced educators and those with expertise in early childhood trauma are working together to develop Professional Development Programs For Educators to help them:

  • Understand the effects of early childhood trauma and/or separation on neurobiological development.
  • Learn how early trauma impacts learning and behavior.
  • Discover the motivation behind students’ behaviors by using Trauma-Informed Behavioral Assessments.
  • Learn instructional strategies that help to heal the neurobiological impact of early childhood trauma.
  • Explore classroom strategies that develop resiliency and improve learning outcomes for ALL children.
  • Develop Trauma-Sensitive school-wide approaches to discipline.

This Professional Development Training can be done with any size group of:

  • Teachers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Resource Officers
  • Parents

ATN’s TSS Team is also available for short and long-term consultation and strategic planning.

Recognize ACEs • Realize the impact • Build Resilience

What’s a Trauma Sensitive School?

What’s a Trauma Sensitive School?

Trauma-Sensitive Schools are ones where the educators:

Creating a Trauma Sensitive School is about creating a culture that prioritizes safety, trust, choice, and collaboration. Within a trauma-sensitive school, everyone (e.g., teachers, administrators, support staff, paraprofessionals, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, etc.) learns about the prevalence and impact of trauma in the lives of children and families. This awareness motivates and guides the examination and transformation of the school environment, policy/practice, educational strategies, staff training, and family involvement, etc. to ensure that children impacted by trauma can learn and be successful. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 2015)

Trauma-Sensitive Schools are created via schoolwide trauma-informed practices aimed at helping children feel safe, be connected, get regulated and learn. (Alexander, 2016)

Learn more about our Educating Traumatized Children Summit- 23 audio recordings from experts in the field of Trauma-Sensitive Schools.  

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What others have to say


  • Each year I have more children with less social/emotional development. Trauma-Informed classroom strategies have helped me improve both the academic and behavioral outcomes of my students.
    Ilene Pawlak, Kindergarten Teacher
    New Jersey
  • In the Somerville Public Schools, #allin4theVille isn’t just a phrase, but a representation of the district’s commitment to the success and individuality of each and every child. The district values and celebrates these unique differences and has placed a recent emphasis on ensuring that staff is trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed.
    Dr. Timothy Purnell, Superintendent
    Somerville, NJ Public Schools